Friday, February 18, 2011

Project Ten: Cross Front Romper

So, While we were playing on Saturday morning, Baby M was having soooo much fun that she tired herself out.

Yes, she IS sleeping in the Jumperoo, one second she was yelling, giggling and carrying on, no more than 30 (quiet) seconds later, I peaked around the corner from the kitchen and this is what I see. (And what kind of parent would I have been if I didn’t grab the camera!) I obviously snapped a shot (or five) and took her out.

But now she was napping and daddy was out at work, what should mommy do?? SEWING OF COURSE!! I decided to pull out a romper pattern that I’ve wanted to do and I had the perfect fabric to do it in. So I pulled out the pattern and after looking it over decided I wanted too change up a little bit of it. I added a lined bodice (I hate when they tell you just one layer of bodice, its so much nicer looking lined) then I started assembling it. I really don’t know why I buy patterns anymore; I end up putting them together how ever I want anyway. But my bodice turned out this way:

I used a coordinating fabric for the bias tape to add a little interest (and because I like the finished look of it). Again, like all my other projects I used French seams. This time, I did not use snap tape though, its crazy expensive (like 6 dollars for a projects worth of snap tape!)
After I finished constructing it, I brought it over to my handy-dandy work bench, otherwise known as my coffee table, to apply snaps to the leg holes.

Here’s what the finished product turned out like:

I think its adorable, it will look awesome with either a short sleeve or long sleeve onesie underneath. (I don’t have an action shot yet, she’s not quite big enough for this outfit yet)

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