Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Eleven: Cloth Blocks

So after thinking long and hard about what to get my cousin’s son for his 1st birthday, I was completely stumped. After much thought I decided to make him a few things, a pair of slippers, a pair of PJ pants, a taggy ball, and these blocks. I had a bunch of left over blue squares in several different patters from a quilt I started (and haven’t finished yet) back a few years ago. I thought this project would be perfect to use up the rest of these squares.

 My squares were 4inches, but in essence you could make them any size you wanted. I tried the blocks un-interfaced, and then decided they definitely turned out better interfaced.

I started by stitching them together so that when all six squares were put together it looked like this.

I completed the block leaving one side open. I stuffed it though this side making sure it was neither to firm nor too soft.

Then I hand-stitched up the last edge and gave it to the baby for a quick test, it passed with flying colors and I will definitely end up making her some in the future.


  1. So sweet! Would love if you could stop by and share at my linky party!

  2. awesome idea! THANKS!

  3. awesome idea! THANKS!