Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So with the intention of selling some of the designs I have rattling around in the head of mine, i've made up my first (of many hopefully) patterns to sell on in my store.  It didn't take nearly as long to get the draft pattern together as I thought it would.  Basically once I decided to do this, it was like throwing up on paper (pardon me for the delightful image).  But in all seriousness, it came together so quickly that I was suprised with myself.  Right now, I'm gathering a group of testers for the pattern (to make sure its worth selling and isn't basically..... crap). haha.  But I'm just so excited about it, I thought I'd had to share.  here are a few pictures of what it looks like :)  Maybe once its finished and posted in my store, if there is enough interest (obivously), I'll give my followers a discount if they'd be interested in purchasing it :) 

Any-who, here's some pictures to hold you over!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Question for those out there....

I’ve been creating (and have created) a bunch of outfits for my little one (and for myself) recently.  I’ve been throwing around the idea of making my own patterns for some of these items and selling them on  After looking at the designs out there for similar items to my creations, it has come to my attention that there really aren’t anything out there that are similar.  So, while I’d really like to make items myself, to sell, I wouldn’t mind, in the interim, selling the patterns that I had.  So what do you all think? Would it be worth it???

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Intentions to Create

I want to start off by saying, flu season as kicked my house’s butt.  EVERYONE was sick, since the baby goes to daycare, she picks up everything that is going around there and brings it home (thanks to the disease ridden boy I like to call “the paci stealer”. It’s actually funny to see, but not fun when you get the other part.  One time when I got to pick her up, he was standing beside her exersaucer with her paci in his mouth, with it still attached to her by her paci strap, she look at me like, what the heck mom! - freaking adorable) but I digress, because of the baby getting sick then passing it along to me then my husband, then getting better, then the cycle starting again, I’ve had no desire to sew, or do anything other than sit on my couch.  I feel like a slacker, but now that hopefully we’re all getting better I’ve been in the mood to sew again! while i've been gone, the babe has learned three new skills!!!

Holding her own Sippy Cup:

Sitting up by herself:

Standing by herself, holding on:


But anyway, on to the real post:

 I’ve been keeping a running list of all the projects that I would like to attempt in the future, along with those I have already done, why, because I’m a list maker and that’s just what I like to do.  Well I have a sewing journal, where I write out my tutorials and posts before I write them to the web, because I’m horrible at spilling out my thought straight to a computer, I’m just an old fashion paper/pen type of person.  But, every time I open up that notebook, I see my list in the front.  I wasn’t sure that I was going to share the list or not, but I figure, you might as well see what I have coming up and what you have to look forward to: 

*signifies that I designed
** signifies that I have the intention of doing a tutorial for it J

For the Baby- Clothing:
  1. Romper (Burda pattern)
  2. sunsuit romper**
  3. cross front romper (simplicity pattern)
  4. ruffle bottom dress (simplicity pattern)
  5. square neck dress (simplicity pattern 3511)
  6. ruffle front dress**
  7. overall jumper
  8. overalls
  9. shorts overalls
  10. pillowcase dress*
  11. peasant blouse (indietutes)
  12. peasant blouse dress*
  13. peasant blouse revamp**
  14. tunic top**
  15. snappy dress (prudent baby)
  16. itty bitty baby dress (made by Rae)
  17. pretty party dress (prudent baby)
  18. wedding outfit*
  19. Yorkshire mini (sewing in no mans land)
  20. abbey dress (shwin and shwin)
  21. inspired by boy sweater (shwin and shwin)
  22. baby hoodie*
  23. baby hoodie vest
  24. abbey roads boots(shwin and shwin)
  25. pinafore
  26. cloth diapers
  27. skinny jeans/leggings*
  28. Marc Jacobs inspired dress**
  29. Anthropology inspired dress**
  30. Burberry inspired dress (blueberry dress)**
  31. tank top dress**
  32. ruffle butt onesie*
  33. tuxedo onesie**
  34. Market skirt (can’t remember the blog!)
  35. wrap skirt

For the Baby- Accessories
1.      taggy ball**
2.      sensory toy**
3.      cloth blocks*
4.      grandma’s blanket**
5.      Bib party!!!** several styles and sizes of bibs
6.      toddler backpack (indietutes)
7.      toddler purse**
8.      pacifier strap*
9.      bottle/toy strap*
10.  burp cloths **
11.  winter hat*
12.  winter hat with ears*

For the Mommy- Clothing
  1. sundress (McCall’s pattern)
  2. shirt (vogue pattern)
  3. shirt (simplicity pattern)
  4. denim ruffle skirt (simplicity pattern)
  5. wrap skirt*
  6. vest (simplicity pattern)
  7. gather bust shirt (simplicity pattern)
  8. shirt refashions**  (will do a few, some by me, some I found)
  9. peasant blouse*

For the Mommy- Accessories
  1. diaper bag (Andrea’s originals)
  2. diaper bag with zipper closure**
  3. modern diaper bag (Amy Butler book)
  4. diaper clutch**
  5. messenger bag*
  6. gathered clutch with zipper (noodle-head)
  7. simple party clutch (sew mama sew)
  8. passport purse (Susie’s country garden)
  9. Reversible tote (very purple person)
  10. wallet (very purple person)
  11. check book cover**
  12. snappy change purse**
  13. city tote (stashmania)
  14. luscious bow tote (Josephine Kimberling)
  15. pretty tote (Kerri made)
  16. make-up bag (couturier mommy)
  17. coffee cozy*
  18. gathered coffee cozy**
  19. kindle cover (book style)**
  20. bottle bag**
  21. mix-up gathered clutch and simple party clutch **
  22. purse design #1**
  23. purse design #2**
  24. purse design #3**
  25. purse design #4**
  26. purse design #5**
  27. purse design #6**
  28. purse design #7**

For the Home:
  1. curtains (
  2. table runner*
  3. placemats*
  4. bench cushion**
  5. centerpiece for table
  6. tree skirt**
  7. fabric baskets**
  8. wall hanging**

Right now that is 92 things, the plan is 100 in one year, I’m pretty sure I’m on point to make it there J