Mission 100 in 1

Mission 100 in 1:  100 projects.  One year.
My mission is to attemp 100 new sewing or craft each week for a year.  I love crafting!  right now, i have no decor in my house, so hopefully this mission can help me decorate my house,  i'll also be making gifts for people, items for my soon to be launched Etsy site (sewbynightdesigns.etsy.com) and clothing for my (ever-growing) child, who will end up being my model for all of the childrens clothing projects. 

My idea is to make some cool items from my stash of fabric and show what i'm doing, and how i'm doing it.  I'll let you in on my method, my favorites, (my least favorites) and Even give tutorials and patterns on things that i've made myself.

For my projects i'm going to be doing a mix of my own designs/patterns, patterns/turtorials i find online on other blogs (for those i'll link to the actual blog i used, when that blogger gives consent), and patterns that i purchase at fabric stores (i'll give all the details of those patterns).  I had originally thought to try to do all original designs, but lets face it... thats alot of designs... so i'm going to start it this way, maybe my next set of projects will be all original.  I plan on doing tutorials/patterns for the items i design myself.