Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coupon Wallet Tutorial

Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I’ve been using coupons more often to save a little money. And I’ve been holding my coupons in a regular mailing envelope, it works, but isn’t pretty and is kind of fragile, being that its just paper. I could probably find a cheap coupon holder at the dollar store, but figured a special one would be more fun. Therefore, here you go, a tutorial.

What you’ll need:
Fabric (less than 1/2yd)
Bias tape
1 snap
Interfacing (I use pellon 808- craft fusible)

Cutting Directions:
Cut 2- 15in x 9in (fabric) [main fabric]
Cut 1- 15in x 9in (interfacing)
Cut 2- 6in x 9in (fabric) [sides]
Cut 2- 6in x 9in (interfacing)
Cut 3- 9in x 9in (fabric) [pocket separators]
Cut 3- 9in x 9in (interfacing)
Sewing directions:
1) Start by ironing on the interfacing to each matching piece (one 15x9in piece won’t have interfacing)
(optional: to attach the other side of the 15x9in piece of fabric, I used spray adhesive on the back of the interfacing and pressed the other piece of fabric to it, - the fabric pieces should be right sides facing out with interfacing between them)


2) Round the corners of one of short ends using a curved item (like a cup) as a jig
3) with the other pieces, fold in half and stitch the end (2 pieces should be 6x4.5in[sides], 3 should be 9x4.5in [pocket separators])

4) Turn the pieces inside out, and iron.

5) To make the coupon pockets, take one 6x4in piece and one 9x4in piece. Fold the 6x4in piece in half so the piece (folded in half) measures 3x4in. Insert the 9x4in pieces in the fold of the stitch down the fold at 3/8 inch seam allowance catching the pieces together. (it will look like this)

6) next take each side of the side piece fold the edge toward the center, insert each other pocket piece in those folds and stitch the same way as previous step.

7) construct the other side of the pockets the same way

8) To attach the pockets to the body, line the pocket pieces up to the body piece starting at the un-curved end 3/4in away from the end.

9) baste the edges of the pocket to the body piece.

10) Fold the body piece so that the pockets line up to the upper half of the body piece, 5 inches from the top. Baste the other edges of the pocket down. (this will form the envelope)

11) Attach Bias tape around the body edges to finish of the body piece.

12) Attach a snap and your done!

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