Monday, January 17, 2011

Mission 100 in 1: an Introduction.

Now that my husband has agreed to letting me set up a sewing corner in my living room (so I no longer have to lug out everything each time I need to do something and set up on my COFFEE TABLE) I've decided that I wanted to do a project, made up of lots of smaller projects.  It’s my mission to try a new project each week for a year.

I started this year off with a bang deciding I wanted to go into business for myself, trying to sell some of these items I'm designing and making.  I find a lot of patterns and tutorials online, and I love them :) I also love coming up with them myself, for now, I'm going to do a mix of my own designs, patterns I buy from the store, and tutorials/patterns I find online (since at this time, I think it would be a little TOO ambitious to try to do designs every project myself, I don't know if I could come up with enough for that.  I may even try to do tutorials for the things do I design myself.  This is a work in progress, and I'll watch it develop as it goes :)

For starters, I'll post some of the stuff I've made so far this year:

This is a sleep sack, it was my first project after I set up shop in my living room  its adorable, though the zipper was very irritating, it took more time to finish the zipper than it did for the entire rest of the sack, I need to figure out a better way of doing this!!!   Basically this is a simple pattern I designed on my own after looking through a book of Burda patterns. I saw this and said to myself, "Wait, there is NO way I'm spending 5 dollars on a pattern this easy! I can figure this out myself, so I went home and went to work.  I bought the zipper a little too long, but again, this was a first try and it'll get better with time. 

The next is a cute skirt jumper I made for my daughter.  It is a Burda pattern I bought.  I love it.  It also came with overall patterns and pants patterns.  I have plans to try each of them. But I had to start with this one.  I saw this fabric and fell in love. I knew I needed to make a dress out of it.  It is a corduroy fabric with peace signs.      

The Next is a bib that started as an idea and just kind of developed (I'll try a tutorial for this in the future when I completely figure it out).  With a teething 4 month old, I needed something to protect her clothing from her drool. Its averaging 15 degrees up here in central PA and wet clothes make for a cold baby.  So there was a need for a bib, and what baby can't live without a paci? Not mine.  So I wanted to a have a paci strap attached, the other thought was that I really loved the clothing she had that had pockets.  We would store her paci in there when she wasn't using it because it would get in the way otherwise, but what about those items of clothing without pockets?  That’s when this design came to me.  I happen to be at work, walking mindlessly through the building and had to rush back and do a quick sketch to figure it out. But it work. I though, why don't I just combine all of the things I love/need into one, and this is what came from that.

well that's all for now, next installment.  project number 1 :)   see you then!

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