Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mission 100 in 1: Project One

Week One: Overalls

Well I have an oddly shaped baby, meaning she's ridiculously tall and think, therefore around her middle is about a 0-3 months sizes but her legs are more like a 9-12 month size.  So, week one's project was a pair of overalls that would be long enough for her.  I went to Joann Fabric this Sunday and (yay!) simplicity patterns were only 99 cents! So I got a few, one being a pattern with some cute overalls, a pants pattern, a hat, and a zip-hooded jacket and/or vest.  LOVED it.  So I figured we'd start with that so the baby's legs don't get cold in the 10 degree weather we're having right now.

I normally trace the size from the pattern I want onto paper so that I don't ruin the pattern, that makes it easier to continue to use the pattern's other sizes.  (PS: new favorite toy... rotary cutter and cutting mat... best invention EVER!)

When it comes to putting it together, I tend to use French seams on everything I make... they are SO easy and gives a finished look without using a serger (I wish I could afford one, but hubby keeps telling me no :( )  How you do those, put fabric pieces WRONG sides together and stitch seam, then turn them and press the seam with RIGHT sides together and stitch the seam.  It will come out with the unfinished edges inside a little pocket seam.  Looks very professional and is super easy.

I HATE when patterns say to use buttons/button holes... really? This is for a baby... those are kind of not user friendly for those cases.  So I always do snaps instead.  We have a love affair with snaps in my house.  I switch those out for buttons and zippers whenever possible.

Snaps are done and its already starting to take shape, all we have to do now is try it on and hem the legs then add the leg snaps!  For leg snaps I love the snap tape you can buy at the fabric store.  so much easier than doing individual snaps, though it is a bit more expensive, one of these days I’m going to get it together to buy the cotton tape and make my own snap tape, but until then.  We’ll continue to do it this way. 

Alright, we're done and loose threads are clipped.  Now, just to get the baby into them :)  She loves trying on her new clothes.

And this is the pretty girl in her new overalls.  They look great on her and they're long enough YAY!!  At 25.5 inches at 3.5 months, I fear momma will be making alot of her pants in the future.   

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