Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day One:  A picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

It’s really HARD to find a semi-recent picture of myself alone! so I just chopped the photo)

1) Every one tells me how artsy I am and unique, and that my career does not match my personality, by day I'm a mild-mannered safety manager for a defense contractor, by night I’m a crafting mamma.  People say (for lack of a better definition) my job is "boring" and I’m "exciting".

2) It has always been my dream to live (for at least a short time) in Los Angeles.

3) I could sleep for 14 hours with no problem- Pre-baby, I spend all day on Sunday in bed watching TV, and I loved it.

4) I would love to lose weight, but I just like the foods that are bad for me too much to quit them.

5) I have a story for EVERYTHING... I'm like an old man.  (Ahhhh, that reminds me of this one time.....)

6) I am the most random person EVER.  My friends joke that they can say something and I will randomly come up with a new thought.  I’ve realized it’s because my brain links things (this reminds me of that, which reminds me this, which reminds me of that, etc) so quickly that I say something and people are like "what?” 

7) Before I met my husband, I never really thought of myself as someone that would have kids (and my friends would say I wasn't even the type to have a serious relationship).

8) I LOVE sewing and crafting and such... and I’m really good at it.  I think it is because I’m such a perfectionist.

9) Before I had my daughter, I was very big into music and went to lots of concerts.  Though for the music I like, I’m getting a little old to attend the concert (think average age of 16 at these shows haha)

10) Speaking of music, I can seriously hear a song once and memorize the lyrics.  It boggles my husbands mind.  I'll just start singing it in the car... which is another story because I’m a HORRIBLE singer... but when I’m alone in the car its my favorite thing to do.

11) I wish that I could afford to be a stay at home or work at home mom.

12) I've always wanted to blog, but I’ve never known what to blog about...

13) Back in high school, I used to have loads of friends, since then I’ve pared down to just a few.  I like it better this way.  It might sound selfish, but it takes too much time to maintain relationships with too many people once you don't live in the same city any more.

14) I feel like I moved to the snow capital of the USA.  It seriously started snowing in October and last year didn't stop until almost May... I’m not even kidding.

15) I have a serious addiction to fabric.  I could spend small fortunes in Joann's every time I take a trip there.

Well that’s Day one.  Day Two tomorrow!!!

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