Friday, February 11, 2011

Pot Holder Party: Tutorial

Prudent Baby was holding a contest recently to enter to win sewing machines, and it just so happens that my (not so) trusty sewing machine recently broke on me, I could REALLY use a new one and even though the hubby said I could get ANY ONE I WANTED (dangerous statement from him!) it would be amazing if I could win one myself! So I went at it, making as many as I could in the short time frame I had, I had way more ideas, but I only got 5 made during the time I knew of the contest. Here they are.

I’ll do a quick tutorial for my favorites:
Quilted Pot Holder

I started with 9 3in square pieces of fabric and laid them out in the pattern I wanted.

Next I attached each row together

Then attached the rows together to make a bigger block

When done with the quilted top, I stacked the quilted top, the muslin backing, and then 2 layers of cotton batting and sewed them around the edges, leaving area open in order to flip it. Clip the corners.

After flipping it, I ironed it flat, then sewed it around the edge at a 1/4 inch seam allowance to closes it up, I then did decorative top-stitching in a star pattern as shown.

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