Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project Nine: Baby Slippers

In my house this happens a lot:

Yes, I mean losing one (or both) socks. The only way to ensure they stay on is shoes. But when we’re at home, its probably a bit uncomfortable to wear those shoes all the time (I know I lose my shoes at the door). So in order to keep those cute baby toes warm and comfy, I’m going to attempt baby booties for this kid. (This could turn out badly I warn, the last pair I attempted ended up with me in a mood and a pair 1/2 finished baby shoes in the trash).
I started by cutting out all my pieces, one inner and outer per piece, per shoe and while daddy had baby bonding time, I had mommy/sewing machine bonding time.

I started assembling the slipper by preparing all my pieces, attaching each pieces out and lining so we could attach them all together. I was thankful the directions were really clear and there were pictures. (Though, I still made mistakes).
After attaching the two pieces and cutting out the elastic slots, I attached the backs using the same method of starting in the middle and working my way out each way. I made the mistake of placing the sole pieces together wrong, but you live, you learn, and she isn’t complaining (yet).
After measuring my elastic I attached it together using a zig-zag stitch then flipped them right sides out. They came out A LOT better than my last attempt at baby shoes with no swear words uttered, no tears cried.
I used the tutorial from the Michael miller fabrics blog to do these cute shoes.

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