Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rompers For Baby N

Baby M has been up to a lot lately. She’s recently learned how to crawl, but before she had the patience to do that, she decided to try out standing. She can’t figure out how to get there, so sometime she pushes up then just crawls around like this. Its hilarious.

And before I get to some of my new projects I’ve made, I just have to have a photo brag about my adorable child. I can’t believe she’s getting so big!!


Any who: on memorial day, my sister-in-law, Vanessa, was having a picnic/party. This was only the 3rd time I got to see my niece. So I just HAD to make her some delightful little summer outfits. (also adding them to my catalog of items that can be ordered through me!!!) Rompers are my Favorites!!! They’re seriously adorable, especially these ones, they’re based off of a few patterns that I had seen in Joann’s- New Looks 6970- and New Looks 6794. Both adorable patterns, but I am way too cheap to purchase those patterns, since they never go on sale. They are very simple patterns to fake too. Just simple pattern pieces I’ve made for other patterns, interchanged with other to make cute outfits. I have made a few cute rompers out of these ideas. Here are some of them I had made to hold you over until our next installment, I have an adorable romper pattern for you all!! Cheers!

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