Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snappy Toddler Top: My Way

So its been a long few weeks, starting off with losing my job in April (which in reality I’m not that broken up about), we moved back to our hometown, Pittsburgh, me and baby had a fall and ended up in the ER, then my mom suddenly passed away. So yes, its been QUITE a month for us. Anyway, I’m back. And sewing again. I’ve made quite a few cute things lately maybe I’ll show you all of them later. Though, I will get to this project. Its from another blog I follow quite vigilantly, prudent baby, it really is an adorable top, its call the snappy toddler top. The only problem with it, it is annoying as heck to get the circular neck area even all around with just the fold-over/iron technique. Therefore I want to show you how I do it.

I used an old lightly used sheet, since its adorable, and I’m on a repurposing kick right now. To start with I cut out all my pieces.
For the circular pieces, I mark the opening, I back stitched at the one mark then did a regular stitch around the top edge stopping at the other mark and back stitching. After I do that I baste between the marks leaving a small area to turn it.

Clip the corners and turn it right sides out. Then iron the seams flat.

After that I seam rip the area I basted before, leaving it neatly pressed under, but open, with no head aches.

I finished it the same way as the original tutorial on prudent baby.

she got irritated with me after this shot and started reaching for the camera, which resulted in this:

I also made a hat to match,   though i may need to figure out how to keep it on her head.  But that’s for another post.

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  1. great idea for the circle bit - I always have such trouble with the fold/iron things